ދިވެހި ބަސް

Monthly Statistics


Indicative Assessment is an assessment made on the order of the Drug Court to determine whether the offender is drug dependent and to determine the type of treatment program he requires. Normally this assessment is carried out by National Drug Agency (NDA). The Rehabilitation Order is also an order made by the Drug Court to subject an eligible person to the treatment program proposed in the indicative assessment. At the time court orders to execute the rehabilitation order, court will suspend the initial sentence which will be imposed upon plea of guilt by the accused.


The above graph shows the number of cases submitted to drug court, number of indicative assessment order, number of rehabilitation orders, and number of offenders who have successfully completed the rehabilitation programs as well as the number of offenders who have been terminated from the program during August, September, October and November 2013.

The above graph shows time spent between case registration to Drug Court and issuance of rehabilitation order.